Removing Coffee Stains & Spillages From Your Car

Coffee spills are one of the most common accidents to occur in the car now days. The stains can look very unsightly and if left uncleaned will leave a stale odour. If the right techniques and products are used however, coffee spillages & stains can be fairly easily cleaned up from most surfaces leaving no stain or indication that there was even a spillage to begin with.

The first thing you should do if coffee is spilled in the interior of your car is to soak up as much of it as possible with paper towels, an old towel or whatever you have to hand. Ideally the spillage should be dealt with immediately, but if this is not possible as is the nature of accidental spillages, it would help to cover the affected area with a wet towel to help prevent the coffee from drying.

If coffee has been spilled on upholstery then first a diluted all purpose cleaner should be applied to the affected area. The all purpose cleaner will help to effectively cut through and break up the coffee residue. It should be sprayed on, left to sit for a moment then worked in with a micro fibre towel. You may need to repeat the process in order to fully break down the residue.

A designated upholstery cleaning product should then be used, this will help to break down any residue further and help to restore and rejuvenate the upholstery. Again it should be applied and worked in with a damp micro fibre towel, you can even lightly work over the area with an appropriate brush to ensure the fibres of the upholstery are sufficiently agitated and that any deep coffee residue is lifted out.

After cleaning, the affected area needs to be extracted in order to thoroughly remove all coffee and cleaning product residues and to help dry the area off. Ideally, a wet vac extraction machine should be used in conjunction with clean warm water but if you do not have access to one then you can simply use a vacuum cleaner with a suitable attachment to extract the area.

If coffee has been spilled onto leather upholstery, a good quality leather cleaning product needs to be used. It should be applied liberally to the affected area and worked in with an appropriate brush to help the cleaner penetrate and to lift any coffee residue out from deep in the grain. If the coffee has been kept damp since the spillage it should not prove to be too stubborn but if it has dried and you may need to repeat thee process in order to fully lift off the residue. The area should then be treated with a leather feed/conditioning product to help keep it supple and prevent it from drying out.

When coffee is spilled in a cars interior you will usually get some splash marks and drips left on parts of the plastics and trim, these should be cleaned off using either a designated plastic/trim cleaning product, or a diluted all purpose cleaner. It should be applied to a micro fibre towel and worked over the coffee marks. A stiff bristled detailing or nail brush can be used to help lift any residue from the grain or awkward areas. After cleaning, the plastics and trim should be dressed with an appropriate product to help restore and protect them.

After all affected areas have been sufficiently cleaned and restored you should use an appropriate air freshening product to help combat any stale coffee odours that may linger after cleaning.