Maintaining an Aged Interior of a Car

An antique car is precious because of its historical features including status and performance that are characteristic of the olden days. The owner of an antique car cannot go back to the glory days when the old car was famed, hence, there is a need to preserve the features of a car so that it portrays features closely similar to the original ones. Utmost care should be observed when cleaning and restoring the components of the antique car. The owner has to ensure that all the original features are taken care of by treating them or replacing them with materials that do not have adverse consequences to the original desirable features in terms of durability and quality. The interior of the antique car is one of the most sensitive parts. All kinds of seats whether cloth, plastic, or leather, need to be treated carefully in a manner that avoids future damage. The car owner has to choose cleaning materials with care. This is not difficult since technology today provides a wide variety of materials that avail cleaning solutions without necessarily creating a risk of damage to old car parts. Selecting good cleaning materials is one aspect that not only saves time but also protects the antique interior of the car. The materials chosen must not damage any of the parts of a car such as the dashboard, seats or rubber linings with repeated use.

With time, the interior of an old car gathers dirt. The accumulation of dirt may be from sand, food crumbs, grime, spills, wrappers and so forth. The dirt may cause an irritating smell, making the car owner to abhor the task of cleaning. Nevertheless, it is also worthwhile noting that having the service performed by a professional cleaner may cost a substantial amount of cash. Yet the activity involved can be done by the owner, thereby saving the money since it does not require sophisticated technology. The basic requirements are simply a vacuum cleaner and some household items.

The first step in cleaning the interior of a car is to remove the base mats and shake them accordingly. Since mats are notorious of hiding dirt, they have to be cleaned thoroughly to ensure that no debris remains sticking on them. The other parts need to be cleaned using the vacuum cleaner. The seats should be cleaned thoroughly, ensuring that all crevices and gaps between cushions are taken care of. Before beginning to vacuum the seats, the owner should ensure that no coins or other large materials are left on the seats as they could clog the vacuum and hinder the cleaning process. Utmost care should be taken to ensure that the backsides of seats are thoroughly cleaned. Any stains on the seats should be carefully removed with a damp towel dipped in shampoo. For leather seats, only a small amount of shampoo should be used as too much of it may get onto the leather and need proper drying. The windows should be cleaned using a window cleaner and newspapers. After cleaning, the doors of the car should be left open to let in air and facilitate drying. If such maintenance is done regularly, the antique car will look as good as new.

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