Car Washing Tips and Tricks

It is most beneficial if you possibly could wash your car or truck in the space were you are out of your sun most folks I know would not have a drain within their garage. If you have to take action outside like I do an overcast day without a great deal of sun is best. If the day will be bright and sunny try for the first morning or perhaps the late afternoon following the heat for the day.

The first thing is to make sure the car is cool. I will spray on some degreaser inside the wheel well then hit the wheel with wheel cleaner. I will do that for all four wheels. By the time I finish the very last one with putting on the cleaner, I grab my wheel brush and provides the wheel wells an instant brushing.

After that, I will grab  two five gallon buckets and get the car soap. Both is filled up 50 % with water. Then I will begin by giving my vehicle a great rinse down. I will use the wash mitt or sponge.

Once I have stretched the soap as much as I can I will rinse the sponge in the clean water bucket against the grit guard to make certain the sponge is clean. I will the have more soap and continue before panel is compete. After each panel is washed, I rinse that panel off until no soap is left.

The way I work the car is roof, back and front window, hood, the surface of trunk, front quarter panel, door and windows, rear quarter panel, last but not least the front and back of the automobile. Depending on how dirty the car is I will be watching the rinse water and changing it when the water gets too dirty.

Finally I am prepared to dry the automobile. I like to make use of a small blower that can filter and heat the environment to dry the vehicle with. I will begin around each of the door handles, tail lights, marker lights, trim, lug nuts, panel gaps, mirrors, and head lights. Once these areas are complete then I will dry the automobile through the top down.

After this I is certain to get a waffle weave microfiber towel to have any remaining water which is for the surface. Now if you would not have a blower take two waffle weave microfiber towels and use one to move off just as much water as you can. Then come right behind it with the other towel to capture any remaining water.

Depending about the size of the automobile you may want 2-3 teams of towels. Once the person is dry I open the doors, trunk and hood to wipe down any water from the jambs. Then I will clean the glass both on the inside and outside.

Now it’s about time for a quick wipe down with a few quick detailer, a little tire dressing, and depending on how the wheels look possibly a little wheel wax. That would be how I would wash my vehicles. If I planned to move along in the process then I can be getting ready for polishing but that can be for the next time.